On-line Estimating allows you to send us photos of the damage on your car and our estimators will send you an estimate by return email.
Photos are sent as attachments to email sent to: quotes@supremecarrepairs.com.au

Please remember that these estimates are just that - an estimate. A fixed quote can only be made upon visual inspection of your vehicle. However, the estimate we give will generally be a very good indication as to the cost of repairing your vehicle.

Photos are best sent in jpeg format as these are compressed so can be downloaded faster. Please try to provide photos that produce the best representation of the damaged areas of the car. Use close-ups only for the finer detail.

Your email should include your name and address details as well as the full vehicle make, model, date of manufacture and V.I.N. number (these details will be on the vehicle's compliance plate).

"Save yourself time, allow us to estimate that repair work for you over the net."


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