State-of-the-art Paintwork system

Baked enamel has been adopted by most of the vehicle manufacturers for its ultimate factory finish. Therefore to match this quality finish, we use materials and a process similar to those used by the manufacturers.

In order to offer our customers the maximum benefits of the superior characteristics of a BAKED finish, we use fully imported Saico spray booth/bake ovens which we believe are the best equipment available.
We use only the very best baling paint materials. The baked paint finish certainly looks superior to air-dry materials - a fact long recognised by vehicle manufacturers and, more recently, motor vehicle insurers.

Key Benefits

  • Durability - the baked paint quality endures for a much longer period in all climatic conditions.

  • Compatibility - the new paint is compatible with the original paint, thus avoiding problems of "peeling", "cracking" and "shrinkage". It also has the same high gloss hard baked appearance as the factory paint.

  • Resale Value - repairs or repainting are far less obvious and much more "original" when baked enamel is used and therefore the resale value of your vehicle is maintained.

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